Kingdom Publishing began in 2017 when our CEO, Stacey Williamson-Mullins wrote her first book, Life Check. She wanted to self publish the book, but had no idea where to start. She began her research by reading books and articles about self publishing and she began taking courses on Self Publishing as well. The process took a while, but she finally self published her book. Stacey knew the complexity of the process and that there were others out there who wanted to self publish as well, but didn't know how. Stacey wanted to help those people bring their stories to life, and that's when Kingdom Publishing, Inc. was born!

Kingdom Publishing Inc., is a publishing consulting company that helps authors share their words with the world. Our aim is to help christian authors along their journey to self publishing their books and to make their process as smooth as possible!


Stacey Williamson-Mullins

Stacey Williamson-Mullins is the CEO/Owner of Kingdom Publishing, Inc. She is the lead consultant for the company. She is also the author of the book, Life Check: 31 Daily Devotionals for Finding Your Way Back to God. Stacey is a teacher, mentor, sister, daughter, and friend. She spends her time reading, doing community service, cooking, shopping, and spending time with family and friends. Stacey loves God and continues building her relationship with Him daily, which is why she decided to write Life Check. She has a passion for helping people and lives her life striving to do so! 



Publishing Consulting

You have your vision in mind, but just need a little guidance? This service is for you! Kingdom Publishing offers a one on one consultation to discuss where you are in your process and the next steps that need to be taken. The initial consultation is one hour.


Need help with your vision and where you want to go with your book? This is the service for you! We facilitate the strategy planning and help you identify a clear path for your book. Publishing, e-publishing and e-distribution strategy planning is also included.

Project Management

Finished writing your book and want some one on one help all the way through until the end? This service is for you! Kingdom Publishing Inc., offers the author impeccable service and a chance to customize their project management package. Whether you need a copyright, book cover, editorial services, etc. We have you covered!


Have a finished product and need help getting the word out? This service is for you! We offer Social Media & Email Blasts, Author Spotlights, Digital Marketing Materials, and much more!


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